NY GOP Opposes Gov. Cuomo Decriminalization

Plan still likely to pass, however. 


More violence in Nuevo Laredo

Security in Central America: Rice University Panel

Panel discussion on Central American security, trafficking, and gangs. Panelists include Dr. Thomas Ward, PhD, of University of Southern California. Dr. Ward is an anthropologist and expert on Salvadoran youth gangs and MS-13.

Make sure to read my review of Maras, which is found in the book review section.

Democracy Now! Drug War Debate at Summit of the Americas

Is the genie out of the bottle? Latin American leaders pressure U.S. to change course on the drug war.

NSA: U.S. Policy in Latin America (1966-1996)

The Contras, Cocaine, Noriega, and Covert Operations

National Security Archives uncovers secret documents relating the alliances between the Reagan administration and a whole host of shady actors involved in narcotrafficking

Colombian Paramilitaries and the U.S.: Documents Detail Narco-Para Connection to anti-Escobar Taskforce